Docomix is the best tool to create your animated comics using an application instead of webcomics tools. You can now draw your own characters very easily! And the output is an animated comic (GIF) or a jpeg that you can finally share on social media. As a comics creator, you will find this application very easy to use. Built-in tools will assist you to create wonderful comics and share them on social media and via Whatsapp. Docomix is very flexible, fast and user-friendly, all required tools are under your control, you just need to focus on the idea you would like to create and then everything will be too easy. Docomix output could be either standard comics (jpg) or animated comics (gif).

By using docomix users can easily:

- Create and share comics on social media
- Find and use trending memes and rage comics characters
- Draw their own characters and use them in all comics they make
- Generate animated comics using animated based on a slide method where you can control timing between slides. - Animated comics and Gif are now very easy to generate using docomix, the trendy comic app.

DoComix application is a medium to express your ideas by generating funny comics. Docomix app provides user with a set of free tools:
-Characters: Most useful comics characters for social media like memes, rages, cartoons and many other characters, funny and serious. 
-Objects: If you need to add furniture, trees, flowers, animals, home tools and other daily use objects they are all  available for free on docomix.
-Bubbles: Saying, thinking and comments in different formats and shapes.
-Text: You can add text for the comics you are working on anywhere in the drawing area.
- Backgrounds: In the modern comics the background reflects the place where the story of the comic is happening. Docomix provides you with a set of backgrounds for free.
- Brush: It’s an amazing tool to -paint -by using different colors.
- Photos: Docomix provides you with a great option allowing you to add any photo from your  gallery and use it in your comics as well take  instant photos and use them in the app.
- Favorites: To simplify your job when creating new comics, this option allows you to see the latest characters you used so you can use them again in new projects.
- Slides: Best and easiest way to build animation where you can set a time delay for each slide.
Docomix has also more features:
- Full set of creative tools, free of charge.
- Flexibility during the creation of your Comics.
- The ability of moving, rotating and mirroring characters and objects in your comics.
- Undo and redo features are very important when creating your comics. You can find them in docomix.
- ‘Send to back’ and ‘send to front’ also are very useful when designing your comics.
- Creating multi slides for each comic.
- Ability to create animated Gif and share it to social media.
- Huge library of memes, rages, cartoons and funny characters available in the application and free of charge.
- Great and refined user experience.
- Big selection of content packs that follow seasons, holidays and social media trends.